We originally started out as Amazing Wild Science. For several years, we went to my daughters school and augmented the science there by teaching in class lessons and performing holiday science shows. At the time, we did not charge for any of our services. As we supplied all of our own supplies and materials, this soon became fairly expensive, so we started Amazing Wild Science to help support my science habit.

We then expanded and started doing birthday parties and special event science shows. Shortly after this, we added after school clubs. During this period, though we were charging for some services, we also started working with schools that could not afford our services. We have never turned down a school who could not afford to pay us.

In the spring of 2015, we added an Introduction to Computer Programming classes to our after school workshops and continued to develop more in class curriculums and after school workshops.

In the summer of 2015, my wife and I were both laid off of our jobs. At the time, we were looking for ways to spend more time teaching science and technology, so though this was very scary, we decided to take the full plunge and start a non profit entity to help fund our endeavors.

Our goal at all times has been to keep our prices as affordable as possible and continue to only charge schools that could afford to pay and work with schools who could not. We are now an official 501(c) non profit entity and will start looking for funding that will allow us to keep our prices affordable.