Anythink Libraries

This summer we are at the various branches of the Anythink Libraries joining in their mySummer programs. We are focusing on the periodic table! There are two different types of shows, one for kids and one for teens. We encourage adults and teens to attend either show, however the teen show is designed to be a little more hands on. During both shows we try to engage the audience and use a little Ln2 to freeze marshmallows and gummy worms… and of course, eat them!

  • JUNE 20TH, 1:30 BRIGHTON (kids)
  • JUNE 22ND, 1:00 PERL MACK (kids)
  • JUNE 22ND, 5:00 PERL MACK (teens)
  • JUNE 23RD, 11:00 YORK STREET (kids)
    (Berkley Village 54th Ave & Wolff St. Berkley Co 80002)
    (North Creek Farms, E 166th Ave & Hwy. 7/160th Ave. Brighton CO 80602)
  • JULY 13TH, 3:00 BRIGHTON (teen)
  • JULY 19TH, 3:00 HURON (teen)
  • JULY 20TH, 10:00 WRIGHT FARMS (kids)
  • JULY 20TH, 1:00 COMMERCE CITY (teen)
  • JULY 27TH, 2:30 BENNETT (kids)

Exploring Elements with Exploration Universe (Kids) – Young, inquisitive minds are invited to take a journey through the periodic table of elements. Elements make up everything around us, but what do you really know about them. Will Magnesium, Hydrogen, Helium or Oxygen burn? Liquid Nitrogen is great for freezing things, but what other things can you do with it? Exploration Universe will show you what elements look like; learn some wild facts about them and see some amazing demonstrations of their properties.

Exploring Elements with Exploration Universe (Teens) – This is a more hands-on version of the kids show. This show also concentrates a little more on FIRE!.