Spring Break and Summer Camps

We offer camps for Computer Science and the ever popular Minecraft!  These camps are available for students 3rd  through 7th grade and cost $150 each.  The subjects are always age appropriate so the kids do not get bored or over stimulated with fun!


Just plain, simple Minecraft fun!  We will have daily competitions to see who can collect the most gold or diamonds or build the highest house for prizes! There will be group projects to complete great structures and buildings! And of course, plenty of just simply playing Minecraft either in survival or creative mode with god powers!  Plenty of mods, like Lucky Blocks and Morph and Mo' creatures will be loaded!  We will only take 12 kids for this camp.  All campers will be playing in our Minecraft world with NO outsiders!

Minecraft Programming

We take advantage of a new and exciting opportunity for kids to learn how to add their own spin to the minecraft gaming world. This new system allows kids to learn computer programming using a block programming system which require little or no typing. This makes it much easier for kids to both learn computer programming and create their own new and exciting minecraft mods. There is also an option to use the Javascript programming language in an intermediate class setting. This camp uses the Learn2Mod online tool in which parents will have the option to sign the kids up for this online tool for $29 a year at a later date if they wish. Students are not required to join this service to join the camp and will be able to continue programming within our online class setting for at least 4 months after camp.

Computer Programming

This is a fun camp were the kids are introduced to computer programming methods. We start with OzoBot robots, which can be programmed with colored pens or via a drag and drop interface on most devices.  We also will use the SCRATCH programming interface which uses block programming which utilizes a drag and drop system.  Programming concepts that will be covered include conditionals (if statements), loops (repeat loops) and variables. Kids will have fun creating animations and games and will have a fun project to complete at the end of camp. SCRATCH accounts are created for each student so that they can continue to practice programming and create fun projects long after our camp is over.



Minecraft!June 5 - June 9
Minecraft ProgrammingJune 12 - June 16
Introduction to ProgrammingJuly 10 - July 14
Minecraft!July 24 - July 28