Classroom Lessons


  • A primary goal at Exploration Universe is to augment lessons being taught in the class room.
  • We work closely with teachers to develop a lesson that best enhances what is currently being taught in the classroom.
  • Session options include classroom lessons, hands on workshops or both
  • Lessons can be taught over a single day or multiple days, depending on the need
  • Curriculum is totaly customizable so that we best fit the needs of the teacher(s) and school.
  • This includes following the Next Generation Science Standard or Core Knowledge.


Technology offers its own opportunities for us to work with students which includes teaching one time classes that simply expose kids to computer programming, or actually teaching short courses over several classes to give students a more in depth exposure to programming. These opportunities are not limited to short courses and can include even longer, more in depth introductions to the fundamentals of computer programming or even creating a year long or multi year curriculum that will allow us to provide the skills to students needed to become actual computer programmers. In these cases, students would complete the curriculum by actually learning a computer language like Python or PERL or learn to create web pages and web sites using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Javascript and PHP.