We offer both Science parties and Minecraft parties!  Our parties cost $175 and include parties of 1-2 hours.


Exciting News!  We have partnered with an awesome place, Jake's ToyBox in Arvada, and can now offer a cool place to host your party!  As usual, we can also come to you!

Science Parties

We have been doing Science parties for several years now and they are so much fun. We also do special events and have been to meetings, hospitals, science camps and other community events. For these occasions, we focus more on fun, but always include an educational component. These shows are totally customizable and can include boo bubbles and poppers using dry ice, or we may bring liquid nitrogen and freeze everything we can find, including making frozen smores, and of course we can bring fire, which we use to teach about rocket engines and what makes things combustible, magnets and electricity and we might even bring out our candy cannon, which can shoot 100 pieces of candy over 100 feet. There are many other fun experiments we can bring. We will work closely with you to pick out age appropriate activities for you special event.  These parties work best with kids 5-6 years old and up.  We can accommodate as many as 50 kids or more, but these parties are most fun for groups of 10-15 as they will get more times for hands on science fun!

Minecraft Parties

These are a blast!  We bring up to 12 computers and 32 inch monitors to your party  and the kids get to all play together in the same Minecraft world!  We include some of the most popular mods, like Lucky Blocks and Morph, which makes the game even more fun!  These parties are probably best for kids 6 years old and up!

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