Welcome to your school page! We offer a wide range of programs for you to take advantage of. Keep in mind that we customize everything we do to fit your needs and requirements.
It is our believe that most students learn better by doing, seeing and participating!  With this in mind, we emphasize hands on activities and experiments and balance this with lessons to be sure students have a good understanding of the activities. We try to bring an element of fun to everything we offer, but education is always our primary focus!


This is where we feel we shine the brightest... working with kids in presenting classroom lessons and hands on activities and experiments for the students. This includes working closely with the teacher(s) to determine exactly what is needed, including following whichever standard is being followed, whether it is Next Generation Science, Colorado Academic Standards for Science, Common Core Science Standards or others.

One thing that is becoming more popular are holiday science events. We offer hands-on science demonstrations for many holidays, like Halloween, Christmas and end of the year celebrations. These focus a little more on fun, but always contain an educational component!


We also do science demonstrations for large audiences. These work well for school assemblies or grade level gatherings. We have done these for upwards of 500 students and adults. This also includes hosting a science table for science night or for assemblies promoting science fairs or science week. Depending on the setting and time constraint, this can include hands on activities for students. Either way, most students will leave these shows saying "wow, that was cool" or "I did not see that coming... that was awesome"!

With the rising cost of transportation for field trips and other off-site excursions, "stay-cations" are becoming more popular at many schools. We can provide one to several science or technology stations for at-school field trips and events. These are usually hands on activities in which all students get to participate!


These are after schools events that kids participate in and which parents/guardians pay for. We host sessions in both science and technology. Note that any school that hosts us for one or more weekly clubs are eligible for free in-class sessions during school and demonstrations for assemblies and/or science fairs and science nights/days/weeks.

These clubs are generally broken up by age group to insure student engagement in the events. We generally breaks kids up into K-2, 3-5/6 and 5/6-8. This allows us to create lessons that are age specific for all students in the club.

In these clubs, we treat every kids like their our own. We are in close contact with parents to determine where kids are going after our clubs/events and making sure they get where they are going! We will wait as long as it takes for all kids to get where they are going!



For science, we offer a wide range of services, including in-home fields trips and in-class lessons


These can be fairly simple lessons or more complicated lessons for advanced students