At Exploration Universe, several options are available in technology, which include:

  • Computer Programming
  • Robotics
  • Electronics

After School Classes

We have developed a curriculum that focuses on providing students the skills necessary to be computer programmers by the end of 5th grade. Students start with a beginning and intermediate classes in an Introduction to Computer Programming. These classes utilize a block programming language to introduce students to the fundamentals of computer programming. Once students have completed the intermediate course, the are ready for more advanced topics, which include actually learning the Python or PERL programming languages, or learning the framework needed for web programming, which includes learning HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript and PHP. This could also include learning the LEGO Robotics programming language, working with the SPHERO program and others.

We also offer after school workshops in Electronics, which include electronic circuits and programming Arduino boards.

In School Lessons

We are available to come to class rooms and hold either one time computer programming events or more robust, multiple event lessons taught over several to many sessions. We would work with the teachers to develop a curriculum that best fits the needs of the school