There are many, many videos on youtube that show various weather and science events. However, the majority of them are lousy! You have to watch 5-6 minutes of nothing to see a few seconds of awesomeness. I routinely scour youtube for videos that show awesome events or that I can use in teaching science. When I find a particularly good one, I will capture it here. If you have one you want me to host here, please contact me at info@explorationuniverse.org and send me the link. If I think it is awesome, I will put it on this page. I will routinely update this page and add more videos! I hope you enjoy these.


Cool video with some good close-ups and some damage.
Awesome close up video!
This is amazing video of an EF5 in Canada.
Tornado destroying a school. No one lost their life in the school or the town!
Tornado tearing up house from inside. Mostly sound as tornado tears up house, but video of damage as people come out of closet!


Manitou Springs, Colorado. The water is black because the rain fell on a mountain that previously had a forest fire.
2013 Colorado flooding. This is just stunning.
Absolutely amazing video which captures the start of a flash flood in a canyon!

Cool start of a flash flood!